The Dangers of Time Travel

For one of my classes we were given a project to create Propoganda or a PSA, basically to inform an audience of something. It was really loose… so I chose time travel, of course! Here is my series.

Avoid your own time stream; encountering yourself can be highly dangerous!

Dress for the correct era; don’t bring unwanted attention to yourself! You are a visitor to this time, show some respect.

Avoid major historical events, despite how exciting it could be to change history this is not allowed and possibly lethal.

I also thought I would throw in some close-ups of parts that I am particularly happy with:

I tried really hard to make it obvious they are the same person at different ages. Some details like the scar are not readable from a distance.

Crossing Time Stream Close-up


I wanted to make the meteor big and bright! I had a ton of fun painting this and making it colorful.

Avoid Major Events Close-upThanks for checking it out!


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