Scars of Torinda

Scars of Torinda

Scars of Torinda was a very fun project. My instructors continually suggest that I make what I want to do; don’t just make an image but present it how it would be in real life. Originally I was just going to make a poster of this painting…pretty lame and who still uses posters anyway. So I took inspiration from my inherent nerdy-ness and decided to make my own trading card game. I definitely took some hints from Magic the Gathering especially in the text and my favorite part the Flavor Text at the bottom of each card. But the whole card is designed and created by me.  Here are some photos of the final printed cards!

Scars of TorindaI created three unique cards from the wide painting.  This is by design; I planned out what elements to highlight in each card and messed around with different card types and titles. This might be my favorite project of the semester!

Scars of Torinda



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