Exhibit Prep

This week I have finished up my work on Talons Tails and Tusks, my creature journal! YAY!

It started out as a little idea I had about drawing animals and making a long term project from that. Then I was a received the Albert P. Weisman Award to work on a personal project. Well It has all come full circle and I am proud to say that my book and some highlighted work from it will be showing at the Weisman Exhibit in September! My display is a little unconventional including a mounted faux-skull of one of my creatures, the Sniy, and some adventure essentials all around my five prints and book! Here is a sneak peek:

TTTPreviewFrom what I have seen so far all the work at this show is pretty amazing! It includes video, photography, illustration and comics. I have to admit it is nice to see that all existing together in one space. This has been my first time printing, framing and prepping my work for a gallery show and it has been a huge learning experience! It makes me even more excited to be showing at ArtPrize this fall as well!


Talons, Tails and Tusks Kickstarter!

Hey everyone!

I launched my Kickstarter campaign today and WOW the response has been amazing!  I have an amazing network of friends and family helping to get the word out and my project is already over 80% funded in less than 24 hours! Talk about crazy! You can check it out HERE!

It has been an amazing day and wanted to share!

I will leave you with a creature sketch from earlier:


Thanks everyone!

Creature Book and Tonight’s Sunset

It has been awhile since I last posted. No excuses, but I have been very busy working on Talons, Tails and Tusks; my creature book. I am getting ready to launch a Kickstarter in the next few days to help fund it. Tons of work has been poured into it getting me a grant to partially fund it this past spring!

It has been an invigorating process to see my creations turn into this full fledged project…BOOK! Whaaaat!? It is a bit surreal still, but I will be showing work from it not only at the Weisman Exhibit in September for the grant winners but also at ArtPrize in my hometown of Grand Rapids! Big things are happening and it has been a wild ride but so exciting!!!

That’s all for now. I will write again soon to announce the Kickstarter launch in case anyone is interested, but I’ll leave you with a creature from Talons, Tails and Tusks:


And a quicky from tonight’s sunset!!! Sunset7


As always, thanks for viewing!

Cakes Card

This past semester I took a workshop with artist Julia Kuo on infographics. It was a great two weekends and the whole class made some amazing art! I wanted to apply what I had learned in the workshop to something new. So I made a birthday card for my sister(in-law-ish)’s 50th birthday! 50 cakes for 50 years!

julie wilmore
I have to say I am really happy with how it turned out! It doesn’t shout 50 but it is clearly for a birthday!
julie wilmore
A large part of my time was actually spent researching 50 different cakes! All I wanted to do during this project was bake 🙂
julie wilmore
I will definitely try my hand at more infographics and more greeting cards! Also, special thanks to my friend Esvan for helping me out with the printing! Thanks for checking it out as always!


Last week I finished a rough copy of What’s in the Bones? It seeks to explore the concept of Fact and Truth to children through our understanding of dinosaurs.
There are many ‘facts’ about dinosaurs that have been greatly overturned through further study and advances in science and technology.Dinoinside
I know it is a tricky idea to teach to kids, but if they take away anything I hope it is that they think for themselves and continue to contemplate on the world around them…and continue to love dinosaurs because they are seriously cool animals!
Here are a few of my favorite paintings from the book:Jurassicweb

CretaceousI am still working to polish some of the art and text for a possible print for sale in the future. I’ll update as that progresses.
As always, thanks for checking out my work!!!

Critter’s Paradise

Critters ParadiseStarting off summer with a little forest getaway!
I have so many plans for the next 3 to 4 months including: my creature book(due out in August!!!), some silly comics, painting with watercolors, life drawing animals at the zoo, CAKE, and more ART. Two more days…I can’t wait to get started!!!


I have been on a serious mermaid kick lately. Any time I don’t know what to draw I make a mermaid … merman … or mer-monster. Its pretty great. There is so much to do with a flowing form like that. Anyway here is a small collection of the mer-people I have been drawing. You can find more at my character/creature tumblr TalonsTailsandTusks; I post new work just about every day anything from a quick sketch, class work,  and finished pieces.

MermaidSorceressWIPMer_1 Mer_2 Mer_3 MermaidSketch1 MermaidSketch2As always, thanks for looking!
Julie 🙂


Monster Moments

I have turned my mini comic Another Sleepless Night into a comic strip for the Columbia Chronicle paper. My first strip was printed today! It feels good. Only three weeks left with a new strip printed each week so I am already developing more for the fall semester.



thanks for checking it out!