I have been on a serious mermaid kick lately. Any time I don’t know what to draw I make a mermaid … merman … or mer-monster. Its pretty great. There is so much to do with a flowing form like that. Anyway here is a small collection of the mer-people I have been drawing. You can find more at my character/creature tumblr TalonsTailsandTusks; I post new work just about every day anything from a quick sketch, class work,  and finished pieces.

MermaidSorceressWIPMer_1 Mer_2 Mer_3 MermaidSketch1 MermaidSketch2As always, thanks for looking!
Julie 🙂



Athena and Arachne

My take on Athena and Arachne. In the myth of Arachne the Goddess Athena hears of a skilled weaver(Arachne) who rejects the idea that her skill is a blessing from Athena. The two basically have a weaving battle and Athena is the clear winner. As her punishment Arachne is transformed into a spider where she will weave her webs and hang from a thread for the rest of her days. That is the short and not so dark version.

Hope you like!

Arachne Athena

Glacier Illustration

This illustration depicts something very important to me. To me it shows the importance of family; we take a family vacation every summer and more likely than not we go to Glacier National Park. It is a very special place and we always have an amazing time.

Here are the sketches I started with to figure out composition and content and the final product!