Warm up painting for today. Hope you enjoy!



Adventures of Sada and Tordo

Recent picture book I have developed!
Adventures of Sada And Tordo Adventures of Sada And Tordo2 Adventures of Sada And Tordo3 Adventures of Sada And Tordo4 Adventures of Sada And Tordo5 Adventures of Sada And Tordo6 Adventures of Sada And Tordo7 Adventures of Sada And Tordo8 Adventures of Sada And Tordo9 Adventures of Sada And Tordo10 Adventures of Sada And Tordo11 Adventures of Sada And Tordo12 Adventures of Sada And Tordo13

Jack and the Beanstalk

Some old work from the fall. My take on Jack, the Giant, and the Beanstalk. Jack shoots beans with his handy slingshot. The Beanstalk is Jack’s trusty sidekick and can reach and grab at long distances with her vines. The Giant carries a portable bread-maker including a bone grinder and seasonings.

JackDigitalFinalBeanDigitaFinall GiantFinal


I think animals are pretty awesome. So I spent some time sketching some extinct ones. Here are some dinosaurs I think are pretty cool.
Dinosaur Sketches

Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti

Recent painting. I wanted to keep it at a relatively low key but I keep brightening it because it reads really dark on some monitors. Check it out!


Father, yes, I am a prisoner
Fear not to relay my crime
The crime is loving the forsaken
Only silence is shame

And now I’ll tell you what’s against us
An art that’s lived for centuries
Go through the years and you will find
What’s blackened all of history

Athena and Arachne

My take on Athena and Arachne. In the myth of Arachne the Goddess Athena hears of a skilled weaver(Arachne) who rejects the idea that her skill is a blessing from Athena. The two basically have a weaving battle and Athena is the clear winner. As her punishment Arachne is transformed into a spider where she will weave her webs and hang from a thread for the rest of her days. That is the short and not so dark version.

Hope you like!

Arachne Athena

Sada and Tordo spread

I am working on an illustrated book for my Children’s Book Illustration class and wanted to share a spread that I am particularly happy with (all the blank space on the right half is left for text). I have to admit, I know nothing about kids and my story is completely different from everyone else in the class. Mine is all about adventure not teaching a lesson, but I am having a ton of fun with it. More to come!

Sada and Tordo

Sada and Tordo

Daisy and Scoobie Sketches

Here are some quick drawings of my sister’s dog Scoobie and her husband’s dog Daisy. 


I am planning some larger scale drawings on illustration board for them! Drawing puppies is too much fun!