Exhibit Prep

This week I have finished up my work on Talons Tails and Tusks, my creature journal! YAY!

It started out as a little idea I had about drawing animals and making a long term project from that. Then I was a received the Albert P. Weisman Award to work on a personal project. Well It has all come full circle and I am proud to say that my book and some highlighted work from it will be showing at the Weisman Exhibit in September! My display is a little unconventional including a mounted faux-skull of one of my creatures, the Sniy, and some adventure essentials all around my five prints and book! Here is a sneak peek:

TTTPreviewFrom what I have seen so far all the work at this show is pretty amazing! It includes video, photography, illustration and comics. I have to admit it is nice to see that all existing together in one space. This has been my first time printing, framing and prepping my work for a gallery show and it has been a huge learning experience! It makes me even more excited to be showing at ArtPrize this fall as well!