Exhibit Prep

This week I have finished up my work on Talons Tails and Tusks, my creature journal! YAY!

It started out as a little idea I had about drawing animals and making a long term project from that. Then I was a received the Albert P. Weisman Award to work on a personal project. Well It has all come full circle and I am proud to say that my book and some highlighted work from it will be showing at the Weisman Exhibit in September! My display is a little unconventional including a mounted faux-skull of one of my creatures, the Sniy, and some adventure essentials all around my five prints and book! Here is a sneak peek:

TTTPreviewFrom what I have seen so far all the work at this show is pretty amazing! It includes video, photography, illustration and comics. I have to admit it is nice to see that all existing together in one space. This has been my first time printing, framing and prepping my work for a gallery show and it has been a huge learning experience! It makes me even more excited to be showing at ArtPrize this fall as well!


Creature Book and Tonight’s Sunset

It has been awhile since I last posted. No excuses, but I have been very busy working on Talons, Tails and Tusks; my creature book. I am getting ready to launch a Kickstarter in the next few days to help fund it. Tons of work has been poured into it getting me a grant to partially fund it this past spring!

It has been an invigorating process to see my creations turn into this full fledged project…BOOK! Whaaaat!? It is a bit surreal still, but I will be showing work from it not only at the Weisman Exhibit in September for the grant winners but also at ArtPrize in my hometown of Grand Rapids! Big things are happening and it has been a wild ride but so exciting!!!

That’s all for now. I will write again soon to announce the Kickstarter launch in case anyone is interested, but I’ll leave you with a creature from Talons, Tails and Tusks:


And a quicky from tonight’s sunset!!! Sunset7


As always, thanks for viewing!